VoIP Systems 
Choosing a Telephone System with Millbeck Communications
With advancing technology and the demand for more sophisticated communications, Millbeck has responded to meet customer’s requirements by offering independent advice with a range of systems from key suppliers Mitel and Panasonic.
A real choice of systems that grow with your company
We offer a range of telephone systems to meet the requirements of every type of business from 6 to 1000 extensions. The systems can be configured as key systems, PABX's or Hybrid working and can be enhanced to cater for Contact Centres, Voice Mail and Auto Attendant.
Latest technology to help you
With over 30 years experience in IT and comunications Millbeck's knowledge of the communications marketplace enables you to take advantage of voice and data convergence with IP based telephone systems such as the Mitel range. We also provide backbone services such as structured cabling for both voice and data.
A complete service from one supplier
Unlike many other suppliers, Millbeck can offer a total solution which covers: telephone systems; cabling; network provision, e.g. ISDN, ADSL, Broadband. Together with a choice of networks for reducing your call costs.
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