Voice Services
Millbeck Communications understands the importance of your telephone services and how essential it is to the success of your business. We understand that a reliable and robust telecommunications provider is of paramount importance to your company. 
Telebusiness (Non-Geographic Numbers)


Winning and retaining the loyalty of your customers is fundamental to keeping their business. The immediacy and intimacy of a one-to-one phone call is often the most effective way of fostering a strong, two-way relationship with the people who buy your products and services. It is also a great way to attract new customers.

Telebusiness numbers allow callers to contact your business at a rate determined by you. This means that you can tailor the behavior of your suppliers and customers in such a way as to leverage maximum business effectiveness.

FreeCall (0800) No charge to callers; you pay the total cost of the call.
LocalCall (0845) Callers pay a reduced charge, normally the price of a local-area call.
NationalCall (0870) Normally charged at the cost of a national call and there’s no charge to you as an owner.
NationalCall Plus (0871) Similar to NationalCall (0870), but the caller pays a slightly more expensive fixed-rate per minute charge.
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